Maps as poetry

Three Galloway literary connections

Do you have a favourite map showing literary associations?

“a map ‘has to use shorthand, or symbols, or metaphor, and in this it resembles poetry’” [1]

‘If I’m not really going anywhere, then travel by map of course provides the only possible route – everywhere, to nowhere in particular…buried treasure, lost continents and phantom islands…Maps are guilty of distortion, it’s true, but I forgive them for it… Every map tells a story.’’[2]

[1] The poet Ciaran Carson quoted in ‘Edgelands: journeys into England’s True Wildness’, Paul Farley and Michael Simmons Roberts. Jonathan Cape, Kindle Edition: 16

[2] Dava Sobel (2012) For the Love of Maps in Simon Garfield, ‘On the Map’ Profile Books: 12-13

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